portrait hoyt2

Kim A. Hoyt, President

Leading the Bingham team since 1996, Kim provides dynamic direction and sound management essential for precision arbitrage rebate and verification reporting for every client. Sharing her 25+ years’ expertise and experience, she effectively guides Bingham’s account managers and staff through the post-issuance compliance changes resulting from the evolution of U.S. Treasury Regulations.

A recognized professional in the arbitrage compliance field, Kim conducts specialized training and seminars for clients and the public finance industry on post-issuance compliance topics. She is an active participant in financial conferences and seminars nationwide. Kim is a member of the National Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and the National Association of Bond Lawyers, as well as the Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, and Maryland GFOA’s.

Kim is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Accounting.       Direct (804) 864-9564

portrait fraley2

Meredith Fraley, Vice President

Meredith has been an integral part of Bingham’s growth and client retention for over two decades. A valued professional, she represents Bingham’s passion and dedication to providing client-centered solutions.

Specializing in Municipal issues, University issues, Multi-Family issues, and Not-for-Profit issues [501(c)(3)s], Meredith effectively manages complicated arbitrage rebate calculations and detailed client reporting. She expertly interprets the corresponding Treasury Regulations.

Meredith regularly attends various financial conferences and often leads instructional sessions, providing clients and other professionals accurate, essential information on various topics related to arbitrage rebate compliance.

Meredith is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in Finance.      Direct (804) 864-9565

portrait bainter

Patrick Bainter, Vice President

Throughout his 20+ years’ service at Bingham, Patrick has consistently been at the forefront of Bingham’s development and progress. In 2012, he initiated and developed Bingham’s Verification analysis models, with support from Bingham’s CPA.

Having regulatory and technical expertise, Patrick handles complex arbitrage rebate and comprehensive verification services. He specializes in Municipal issues, University issues, Assisted Living issues, Industrial Development Authority issues, and Not-for-Profit [501(c)(3)s] issues.

Patrick remains current on all aspects of arbitrage rebate and verification services and enjoys attending financial seminars and conferences. He continues to lead instructional sessions and continuing educational courses.

Patrick is a graduate of Radford University with a degree in Business Administration and a major in Finance.      Direct (804) 864-9567

barrett portrait

Andre Barrett, Jr., Vice President

Coming from a strong background in the banking industry, Andre joined Bingham’s team in 2012. Quickly excelling as a sharply focused account manager, he provides an excellent standard of contribution and supportive leadership.  Andre was promoted to Vice President in 2021.

Andre demonstrates a sound understanding of the complexities of arbitrage rebate tax compliance and is proficient in all areas of arbitrage rebate account management. His clear, precise reporting ensures clients receive expert financial evaluation and analysis.

Andre continues to strengthen Bingham’s client-focused initiatives and keeps an active professional presence with clients and associates. He routinely participates in financial conferences and leads instructional sessions.

Andre is a Virginia Commonwealth University honors graduate with a degree in Business and a major in Finance.    Direct (804) 888-6392

portait moore

Jeffrey A. Moore CPA CGMA, Business Development Representative

Jeff joined the Bingham team in January 2019 after a 30+ year career in North Carolina local government. Complimenting his Business Development role, Jeff builds bridges with customers and prospects alike, as he shares his extensive understanding of financial matters and fiscal operations required for sound financial leadership. He truly enjoys engaging with people – getting to know them and what they do, while creating an effective work dynamic producing positive change and constructive problem solving.

Jeff is a CPA (North Carolina) and a Chartered Global Management Accountant and remains an active member in the profession. He speaks on various topics such as auditor-auditee relationships, improving the governmental finance function, principles of investments, and reinventing the finance department. He is a member of the GFOA of the US and Canada; the NCGFOA (President in 2009-2010); the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the NC Association of CPAs; and several additional professional organizations.

Jeff is a graduate of Brevard College and of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a degree in Accounting.     Direct (336) 823-1066