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At Bingham, fees are driven by the size and complexity of each issue. For arbitrage rebate compliance, we make the cost more economical by offering annual calculations that eliminate time-consuming reconstruction of accounting records at the five-year mark. For verification reporting, we need information on the refunded debt and refunding debt.

To obtain an arbitrage calculation quote, email Bingham ( a copy of the bond transcript’s Table of Contents and someone from our leadership team will respond with the documents needed to provide you a fee quote. Information usually required include the Form 8038-G and Tax Certificate as to Arbitrage/Non-Arbitrage.

To obtain a quote for verification services, email Bingham ( details specific to the refunding bond issue and the refunded bond issue(s). This information may include the type of refunding (current or advance), the specific bond issues being refunded, the number of escrow funds and the tentative sale date/closing date for the refunding bonds.

Quotes are usually available within 48 hours of our receipt of complete information.

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Some professionals feel arbitrage can be overwhelming! We understand. Post-issuance Compliance can be confusing and complex. It doesn’t have to be! Bingham provides solutions. We have the answers. Send an email to and someone from our office will contact you promptly.

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