Arbitrage Rebate –
Our Unique Focus For Over 30 Years

Originally established in 1988 as part of Bingham & Company Capital Markets, Inc. of St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri, the Arbitrage Rebate Services Division relocated to Richmond, Virginia in 1989. Following incorporation as Bingham Arbitrage Rebates Services, Inc in 1995, Ms. Hoyt acquired Bingham in 1996, and Bingham has been and remains a certified woman-owned minority firm. Bingham has chosen to remain an independent firm, with the same ownership, organizational structure and name, rather than merge with other firms. This strategy has allowed Bingham to experience deliberate, steady growth and earn a national reputation for expertise and excellence in arbitrage rebate services.

Bingham is not a “big box” business. Our firm has a specialized focus on arbitrage rebate, verification, and IRS Schedule K (Form 990) support services. Our account managers have compiled over 80 years of experience, bringing value, consistency, and individualized service to our clients. Consequently, Bingham has the specific knowledge and experience needed to ensure regulatory compliance and precision reporting for every client. We offer quick turnaround and highly attentive service.

Bond issuers large and small trust Bingham with their arbitrage rebate calculations. Our firm has performed calculations for a combined estimated $140 Billion in bond proceeds and has more than 1,500 active clients. Since 1988, we’ve handled issues valued from $150,000 to over $1 Billion for organizations including public utilities, municipalities, counties, states, public authorities, universities, public and charter school districts, airports, public-private partnerships (P3), retirement communities, and private issuers.

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