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Andre Barrett

Vice President

With a strong background in banking and in-depth knowledge of the complexities of IRS arbitrage rebate tax compliance, Andre specializes in arbitrage rebate and verification services for municipalities, school districts, and higher education institutions, as well as hospitals, retirement homes, and housing.

Proficient in all areas of arbitrage rebate account management, Andre has performed over 1,500 calculations with a total par value of over $17 billion since 2015. His strong expertise in municipal debt has resulted in exceptional arbitrage services for over 82 municipalities. He regularly assists clients with IRS Schedule K (Form 990) completion and consistently pays close attention to the potential to reduce rebate liability.

With solid financial experience, he is a valued resource in Bingham verification reporting. In 2022, Andre assisted in two of Bingham’s largest verification engagements, with bond par amounts exceeding $1 billion and $638 million for those two separate transportation projects.

Andre often represents Bingham at local and state financial conferences, contributing up-to-date information regarding arbitrage rebate, verification, and IRS Schedule K (Form 990) services.

Professional Memberships

GFOA - Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, Maryland

B.S. Finance – Virginia Commonwealth University

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